Who We Are

The Friendship Band was formed in the mid seventies, at the height of what is known as ‘the troubles’ in Northern Ireland. The aim of the band was to bring together a group of musicians who could perform for both sides of the community, as well as North and South of the border.

The full band is made up of 30 or more players from various brass bands throughout both Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland. These players come together on a regular basis to entertain at major community festivals the length and breadth of Ireland. The band is a ‘Carnival’ style one, creating an enjoyable atmosphere through our choice of music and our carnival style uniforms.

As well as taking part in festivals in Ireland, the band have travelled far and wide to take part in events overseas. We have played at festivals in England, Holland, France, Poland. One of our biggest trips was to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York in 1998. Our most recent trip abroad was to the International Festival of Music in Bad Schlema, Germany in September 2016. We are just back from our annual pilgrimage to the International Band Competition in Limerick, it was a great event as always and we will see you again 2018!

The Friendship Band looks forward to entertaining audiences for many years to come, and we are always on the lookout for new events and festivals to take part in.

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The International Band Parade – Limerick

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